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Korean beauty have long been likened jewel of Asia. Always good to clean elegance, pure and bright, young women in Korea has led to curious guy, admired. Showbiz kimchi is one of the exciting entertainment industry, the most attractive in Asia. The tingle Korean superstar known for unique fashion style, personality and impressive. The fashion trend originated from this place are numerous ladies favorite. Especially office fashion, gala and fashion trends in our daily lives. However, with its own 'territory' swimwear, the results are new and unfamiliar to most fans. Very rarely, audiences admire the beauty of the blooming Korean design sexy bikini. Whether appeared many polls as "the most beautiful wedding dress Why", "What skirts look best," "Why are fascinated smile", "Why are the sexiest jeans" ... But true fans still wonder whether the 'kingdom' that flooded the stage, who will be the 'wonders' of Korean bikini? And to relieve 'urgent' is very plausible, recently launched allkpop list of 9 people voted sexiest bikini beautiful Korea. Sure, there's the stage name of 'Red Book', the readers will have experienced unexpected and interesting. Because there are many super stars are inclined to think that real beauty is not necessarily good quality perfection.

Hot girl bikini korea

Hotgirl this cult born in 1988 1m71 tall, weighs 51 kg. She is currently the face of so many famous fashion brand in Korea. UEE constantly appear on the fashion magazines to create unique and eye-catching image. Not only sensual body which Uee also face sharp very impressive and photogenic.
Cuối cùng, 'đệ nhất bikini Hàn Quốc' chính là Park Ka Hi. Người đẹp tuổi 30 đã đánh bại mọi mỹ nhân trẻ trung để trở thành siêu sao có thân hình gợi cảm nhất với bikini ở xứ Hàn. Sinh năm 1980, Ka Hi cao 1m68, nặng 50kg. Là ngôi sao thần tượng lớn tuổi nhất trong danh sách nhưng Park Ka Hi đã chứng tỏ tuổi tác chẳng có nghĩa lý gì với sắc đẹp trời phú. Trưởng nhóm nhạc After School Park Ka In không chỉ có thân hình gợi cảm mà còn thực sự là một tài năng âm nhạc với giọng ca trầm ấm, ngọt ngào. 

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New pictures first leaked, but has made fans stunned by the beauty of this ageless beauty. In the photo, Jane Seymour design showing confidence in small blue bikini, showing off healthy body on the beach. Bobbing blond hair that many people had to say: "You look just turned 30."

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Recently, unedited pictures of Song Hye Kyo Happy Bazaar Korea magazine published in 2013 that surprised many. Of the four scenes photos were released, we can see the beauty Song Hye Kyo is very beautiful and flawless, though these pictures are not edited by photoshop. Reportedly, the photos were taken for a cover of a fashion magazine and will be released this October.

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Ministry of Song Hye Kyo photos released for the purpose of supporting charitable donation project "Cinema Angel Foundation". The proceeds will be used to finance the less fortunate youth with the opportunity to attend a film festival.
Song Hye Kyo is also currently engaged as principal of the latest movie in China called "The Crossing," directed by John Woo. The movie recreated the turbulent 1930s in China. In the film, Song Hye Kyo will play the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat in Shanghai to create the strong and full of personality.

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On June 9, "A Gentleman's Dignity" reveals Kim Ha Neul picture sexy blue bikini. Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) to the home of Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul) and found a picture of her in a bikini on her mini homepage.

"A Gentleman's Dignity" can be seen as the male version of the Korean drama "Sex and the City." Film focuses on Jang Dong Gun's character and his relationship with Kim Ha Neul's character. It also focuses on the romance and fun facts with three friends of Jang Dong Gun.

Netizens commented, "Kim Ha Neul is a bagel girl" (innocent face and glamorous body) and "I think she just looks innocent alone, there are hidden great body" .

A representative of Kim Ha Neul said: "Kim Ha Neul looked very frail but she has been training two hours a day to maintain its body. Because she was always very strict about this, she should not have any special exercises for that bikini pics ".


Bikini Korea Hot 2013

Kim Sori got together with producing team BEATAMIN for the first time in seven months since they worked on her last single "Dual Life" in January. They came together for her new song 'B.I.K.I.N.I." which features BEATAMIN's addicting beat and Kim Sori's sexy voice. This new song has all the elements to give off an exciting club vibe.
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Kim Sori's new song and music video were released on August 16 via online music sites. In the music video Kim Sori is wearing a bikini and a provocative expression on her face, oozing with sexy charm. She changes into several different bikinis throughout the music video.

Netizens have commented, "I don't know who Kim Sori is, but she's hot this summer," "Kim Sori's 'B.I.K.I.N.I. is addictive," and "It's the perfect summer song."

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When the issue of marriage was brought up, Lee Hyori explained why she felt more open discussing her current relationship with the press.

"I've never dated publicly before. I think that's why I can talk more comfortably about him," the star said, before issuing Lee Sang Soon an eye-opening warning.

"I always dated thinking that this man would be my last love, but I've failed, you think you have me? Don't be so sure."

The jokingly threatening comments were a a far cry from Lee Hyori's statements last week on the South Korean radio program "Kim Bum Soo's Music Plaza."

The 34-year-old Queen of K-pop said that although her and her boyfriend don't have any concrete wedding plans, she likes the idea of being married to him.

"If I were to get married, I'd like Lee Sang Soon to be my husband," Lee Hyori said.  "But we haven't made any concrete plans for that yet."

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G-Star 2011 has officially passed the first 2 days, this year in addition to the big MMO project they appear showgirl numbers are pretty much hired. Take the track through a number of the most prominent faces.

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In 2005, after four years of art, Lee Da Hae has affirmed its position in Korea. She is considered one of the actresses generation 8X most successful and famous kimchi today. She was also named in the list of Grade A actress and director names are the "target" when searching for the female lead in the drama.

Her talent was confirmed through a series of dramas such as My Girl, Green Rose, East of Eden and the latest Miss Ripley. The body beautiful property like this supermodel always try to diversify their roles to hone acting skills and prove that she has more "stuff" other than a pretty face.

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Lee Da Hae is one of those beautiful Korean sticky plastic surgery suspicious when netizens stir before each series of photos of her time in school. In the past, the faces of Lee Da Hae is not slim and delicate features such as the present. Previous rumors aesthetic, Lee Da Hae always remain silent.

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Hot Fashions: The beautiful pattern 2 piece bikini fashion style of Korean stars will help the girls still wary about the costumes look more cool free tin.Kieu beautiful bikini fashion with high waistband a girlfriend for the waist to conceal dirt shrugged Accessible diem.Phan will help make you look round 1 of the few larger size.

The hottest summer bikini model is the model with striking motifs such as polka dots or stripes classical fish static horizontal Korean stars favored this type of item.